This blog is dedicated to educating the public about gold and the benefits of a gold standard. We believe a gold standard would benefit society by bringing more confidence in paper currencies and restraining runaway government spending. Because unbacked paper money — referred to as fiat money — can be printed without limit, there is always a risk of it suddenly losing its value due to loss of confidence in it by the public. Because gold has always had value due to its unique properties, particularly its rarity, paper money that has been backed by the yellow metal has historically been more stable, preventing sudden spikes or drops in the value of paper currency. This in turn has encouraged savings and brought more confidence in the robustness of the markets. A return to the gold standard would thus bring back these long-lost benefits the United States and other nations previously experienced, replacing the volatile, digitized, uncertain markets of today.

Here is a link to our About.me profile, which contains links to our social media accounts.

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