Silver, No Longer the Poor Man’s Gold

Excellent summation of the silver market.

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Silver, No Longer the Poor Man’s Gold

By Michael Trudeau, Colonial Resources

The crises deepen. What crises you ask? Starting about sixty years ago, we began to accelerate in our usage of silver for industrial purposes. As the great industrial complex known as America grew, so did it’s appetite for silver and other industrial metals. In fact, it grew at such a pace that we devoured the above ground stockpile of silver at such a rate that it is now gone. That’s right, what took the entire world over five thousand years to acquire, was used up in just six decades, and the above ground stockpile has been completely eliminated. Silver is now rarer than gold! In fact, silver will be from this point forth, for all of eternity, rarer than gold. From this point forth, we work from current silver production alone. And, from this point forth, demand will…

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